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Rapala gives more details on X-Rap Pop and X-Rap Prop

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Rapala X-Rap Pop - Hard Lures The X-Rap Pop is designed for catching big splashing bass, says Rapala.
Rapala X-Rap Prop - Hard Fishing Lures ↑ The larger X-Rap Prop features props at either end to create noise and splash.
Rapala Jointed Deep Husky Jerk - Hard Lures ↑ The new Jointed Deep Husky Jerk will also be available at the end of the year.

Rapala has put America’s ‘topwater addicts’ and hard-pressed dealers on red alert by announcing more details of two lures for 2012 which it says ‘deliver topwater mayhem to Rapala thrillseekers’. The new X-Rap Pop and X-Rap Prop, first unveiled at ICAST in July, are part of a series of new launches which Rapala breathlessly announces are ‘ready to explode on a lake, river or saltwater flat near you’.

In a pre-launch announcement designed to excite Rapala’s angling fanbase and drive them into stores, the company has also introduced three more new lures: the Ultra Light Minnow, Ultra Light Shad and Jointed Deep Husky Jerk. All, says Rapala, ‘will be hitting store shelves just in time to put on your holiday wish lists’.

The X-Rap Pop is designed for big splashing bass. It features a deep, cupped lip and internal textured scales made famous by the Rapala X-Rap. “Even the slightest tug brings the X-Rap Pop to life,” says Rapala. It is built with an internal long-cast system exclusive to Rapala, 3D holographic eyes, a flash feather teaser tail and ultra-sharp VMC black nickel hooks, and is available in six patterns and one body size.

The larger X-Rap Prop is built on an X-Rap lure body platform and features two stainless steel props, one in the front and one in the rear, that create a big noise and splash, while its counter-rotating design stabilises and keeps the lure on track. It’s designed for both long and short casts – and to be irresistible to bass.

The Ultra Light Minnow and Ultra Light Shad are lightweight yet designed to cast incredibly long distances. “Their unique lip designs and ultra-light bodies create an enticing, wobbling action when slowly retrieved, twitched and jerked for topwater fun, or retrieved fast for aggressive fish just under the surface,” says Rapala.

“Both lures offer the versatility to be fished for stream trout in Wisconsin’s famed waters or for heart-stopping action for West Coast trout,” it adds.

The Jointed Deep Husky Jerk is perfect for casting or trolling, says Rapala. It features the classic Rapala ‘wounded minnow’ wobble and an exaggerated tail action that predators find difficult to refuse and, adds Rapala, runs straight and true at any speed.

Available in eight patterns, the Jointed Deep Husky Jerk runs four to eight feet deep and wakes up fish with loud rattles created with its jointed body and kick-tail section.


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