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New KastPro braid comes on biodegradable spools

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The new KastPro braid from KastKing is made using Honeywell Spectra fibres.
↑ The new KastPro braid comes on KastKing's innovative BioSpools, as will all its lines by the end of the year.

New York tackle brand, KastKing, has introduced a new made-in-America braid to the fishing line sector.

KastPro is a four-carrier braid made using Honeywell Spectra fibres and comes on KastKing’s biodegradable spools.

The line is highly fade-resistant, has minimal stretch and a thin, round profile, making it ideal for both baitcasting and spinning when distance is a key factor, says the maker.

KastKing’s BioSpools are made with compressed wheat straw waste and will replace the brand’s traditional hard plastic spools on all products by the end of the year. The spools are compostable and will deteriorate in soil in eight to 12 months.

“KastPro is a fantastic product wrapped around an exceptional concept,” said Tom Gahan, KastKing’s Chief Marketing Officer and the man who conceived the idea for BioSpool.

“We are proud to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA, while at the same time promoting our remarkable environmentally-engineered BioSpools.

“Combining the outstanding elements of a specialised compound Spectra braid and BioSpool has created a game changer for KastKing.”

KastPro comes in two colours – Combat Green and Coastal Blue – and more colours will be added at a later date. It is currently available on 300-yard spools in 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 65 and 80lb  test.

“Whether folks are looking for an affordable premium four-carrier braid for everyday fishing or for a big tournament, they can trust KastPro braid to come through when they need it most,” added Al Noraker, Director of Product Development at KastKing.

KastKing is part of Eposeidon Inc., an e-commerce manufacturer in Garden City, Long Island, New York.


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