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NEW FOR ICE FISHING: Northland Rippin Shad

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The Rippin’ Shad from Northland Fishing Tackle.

The Rippin’ Shad is the newest addition to Northland’s Live-Forage ReplicaSeries line of products.

It is a lipless rattle bait that is said to combine life-like HD Fish-Photo-Image patterns and a shad profile with a supersonic vibration that is produced by clacking internal rattles.

John Peterson, Northland Fishing Tackle founder, said: “The Live-Forage Rippin’ Shad’s finish is exclusive. It is like no other lipless hardbait out there. Its loud internal rattle, sonic vibration and an erratic darting action force fish to come in and investigate.

“There’s a size for every type of fish and every technique on the ice. They work wonders vertically jigging for lunker lake trout, ultra-aggressive slab crappies and even dead-sticking walleye.

“When tied to a premium monofilament, such as Northland’s Bionic fishing line, the vibration of the bait is so voracious that it not only transmits through the rod and can be felt right through your bones, but can literally be heard through the crisp winter air. And if anglers are able to pick up on the ruckus, just imagine the attention-grabbing vibrations heard and felt through the lateral line of hungry predator fish.

“Standing above the hole, the lure’s radical performance is best maximised by literally ‘ripping it’ in short, upward bursts.

“As a result, the bait violently vibrates and rattles in a tight tremor, mimicking a fleeing baitfish. Let the Rippin’ Shad fall on the slack line and its sweet-serpentine-swim takes it on a random path, going in a different direction every time – travelling down and outward in a lazy ‘S’ pattern away from the centre of the hole.”

Available in three lengths, the Live-Forage Rippin’ Shad is hatched in eight patterns – three in phosphorescent colours for added attraction in stained water and lowlight periods. It comes alongside a premium VMC Cone Cut hook.

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