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Nashbait claims bait breakthrough

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Nashbait claims that The Key Stabilised ‘challenges 30 years of belief’.
↑ The Key Stabilised from Nashbait can be used straight out of the bag.

A new bait that ‘challenges 30 years of belief’ and is predicted to take bait manufacture in a new direction is now available throughout the UK and Europe.

The formula, says manufacturer Nashbait, has unlocked the answer to providing the highest quality bait without the need to keep it frozen or chilled.

The bait, called The Key Stabilised, has been launched following years of development and heavy spend in new production processes. Unlike Nashbait’s previously available frozen boilie, The Key, it can be used straight out of the bag.

“The Key Stabilised challenges the thinking that frozen is superior,” said Nashbait boss, Gary Bayes. “The food is identical in value and the bait performs equally impressively.

“It makes the highest quality bait available to anyone anywhere in the world, without any need to keep it frozen or chilled. We’re using a new process that ensures the unique pre-digestion of the bait and the resulting food value is unchanged.

“We have invested heavily in new manufacturing to allow us to control production to protect amino acids, complex proteins and sensitive vitamins and minerals.

“The Key Stabilised is every bit as good as The Key Frozen. It’s an amazing new direction.”

Nashbaits’s Colin Davidson said that the bait is a stabilised format for the highest quality HNV (high nutritional value) bait ever commercially produced. “It’s something that has previously been considered impossible,” he added.

“The question of shelf-life versus freezer is unlikely to be the same again, with the best bait now available in the most user-friendly format.”

Dr Keith Sykes, whose research has been pivotal in the development of The Key and Cultured hookbaits, has had his beliefs changed by The Key Stabilised. “It’s an amazing new direction for someone like me who has had a lifetime commitment to using frozen baits.”

The Key Stabilised comes in 10mm, 15mm and 20mm sizes.

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