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Mustad on sale in vending machines

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Products from hook giant, Mustad, will be on sale in vending machines throughout Australia.

A new nationwide scheme to sell fishing tackle and bait through vending machines has been launched in Australia.

Tackle BRO plans to establish at least 60 dealerships across the country, each of which will market the vending machines to service stations, fishing clubs, caravan parks, hotels, marinas and even fishing tackle retailers.

The biggest brand on sale in the machines will be Mustad. Other brands available from the machines will include Dynabait, Outback Lures and Force Ten. Products such as lures, terminal tackle, floats, line, reels and fishing tools will be among more than 200 products for sale in each machine.

The scheme has been introduced by the Australian Marine Alliance (AMA), whose Chief Executive, Dean Logan, told Angling International that the key objective was to encourage new people into the sport.

“The machines are best suited to remote areas where there are no tackle shops within easy reach,” he said. “The US-made Crane machines are available free to dealerships who will then licence or sell them to customers. It is up to the dealerships where they find their customers.”

“The aim is to expand the recreational fishing sector. That’s why places like caravan parks would be ideal locations because it might encourage mums and dads and their families to buy some gear and try out the local fishing.

“They are also ideal for people who want to do some fishing after work but find the tackle shop is closed or they simply don’t have access to one. Tackle BRO will allow them to buy what they need 24/7.

“We are pushing for about 60 dealers nationwide and we already have around 35 enquiries from people to buy a dealership.”

Logan concedes that there has been some “negativity” in the retail sector from dealers who see the vending machines as competition, but he believes their fears are ill-founded.

“A fisherman is only going to use a vending machine if the tackle shop is closed,” he said. “Our prices will also be higher than shop prices. Anglers will be happy to pay a premium when they can’t get what they want anywhere else.

“If dealers are smart they will want one of these machines outside their shop.”

Dealerships have exclusive control over their designated sectors, where they can place as many machines as they feel necessary. Dealers will decide which products are most relevant for their region.

The AMA is encouraging businesses who have a machine to use them as a marketing tool to bring more customers through the door.

Anglers will be able to find a Tackle BRO machine by visiting the Tackle BRO website or by downloading an app.


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