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Monic Fly Lines gets new look

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Flow Tek Inc. has given Monic Fly Lines ‘bold’ new packaging and a redesigned logo.
↑ Monic Fly Lines founder, Bob Goodale, designed the first clear floating line in 1994.

The manufacturer of the first clear, floating fly line is re-entering the market with a new product range. Flow Tek Inc., makers of Monic Fly Lines since 1995, is also introducing bold new packaging and a redesigned logo.

The US company says the new look has been designed to break away from the ‘standard wrapper used by 90% of competitors’ products’.

The hexagonal-shaped box pays homage to Monic’s chemical engineering background by resembling the classic Benzene Ring in organic chemistry.

“Monic’s founder, Bob Goodale, was a chemical engineer and brought so much, if not all, of the brand’s revolutionary ideas to fly lines,” explained Steve Tatarchuk, Monic Business and Product Manager.

“From his patent for the first clear floating line in 1994 to the recent patent for the first 100% recyclable polyester fly line, Monic has always thought on a level above others and continues to solve major problems in fly lines.

“When we designed the new logo we wanted people to recognise Monic, but know that something has changed. Everything inside and out is made within a 50 mile radius of our production facilities in Boulder, Colorado.”

The most significant change in Monic’s product line is in the new polymers that makes up the fly line coatings. All the lines have been engineered so they work equally well in both tropical and cold weather conditions – an industry first, says Flow Tek.

Monic Fly Lines are made in the USA at the foot of the Flatirons near Boulder. Its lines have always been totally PVC free and are an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl or polyurethane.


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