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Matzuo America® unveils trio of new baits

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The Surassha features Matzuo America’s signature ‘bloody red’ flared gills.
↑ The Double Shockwave spinner adds an extra polished brass blade for twice the flash and vibration.
↑ The Monsuta is a doubled-bladed spinner that has been designed for muskie and pike.

Matzuo America® introduced a trio of new baits to its existing portfolio at ICAST.

The Surassha, which is Japanese for Slasher, is the latest in a line of hard baits that feature Matzuo’s signature ‘bloody red’ flared gills. This new top water lure includes professionally engineered chambers that create a unique knock and ping sound that fish have never heard before.

Matzuo says that the flare-gilled design makes the Surassha spit and splash ‘like no other bait on the market’. Weighing in at half an ounce, it features a weight transfer system and comes in seven colours.

In addition to the Surassha top water, the company has also unveiled two spinner baits, the Double Shockwave Spinner and the Monsuta Spinner.

The Double Shockwave Spinner adds an extra polished brass blade to the existing Shockwave Spinner for twice the flash and vibration.

The Monsuta is a new double-bladed spinner for muskie and pike. It combines dual magnum Indiana brass blades with a ‘triple threat teaser’ tail comprised of natural bucktail, flashabou and marabou for a ‘unique and pulsating’ action.

“We are excited to build on the success of our existing Matzuo America’s line-up by adding these new performance top water hard baits and doubled-bladed spinner baits to our Spring line-up for 2016,” said Product Manager Tim Austen. “It is important that we carry through on the Matzuo America promise of quality innovations at an affordable price for all levels of anglers.”


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