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Marcum introduces ‘significant’ improvements to sonar displays

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Marcum – part of the Rapala VMC Corporation – says it has made significant improvements to its sonar displays.

Top ice fishing brand MarCum has released new models of its fish-finding flasher sonar displays that significantly improve on its earlier versions.

The new units prevent snow build-up, increase viewing angles and offer larger displays, says the Ice Force brand.

The Marcum LX-5i model has an unrivalled 2,500 watts of power and a patented moveable Zoom and Super Fine Line technology that improves screen resolution and enhances target separation to 0.75 of an inch.

“Super Fine Line display allows you to determine a fish’s mood and adjust your jigging stroke accordingly,” explains Ice Force pro Tony Roach. “A unit with sub-par target separation will show a single, blocky bar when a fish is within inches of your bait. If that fish backs off slightly, you won’t see that reaction on an inferior flasher.”

A precision-tuned dual beam transducer allows you to switch between 8-degree and 20-degree cone angles for both deep and shallow water, while a Moveable Zoom means you can hone-in on any segment of the water column. A patented12-level interference rejection system knocks out competing ‘noise’ from nearby sonar units, so fishing in a group is no problems.

The MarCum LX-3tci features 1.5-inch target separation in default mode and 1.0-inch target separation in zoom mode, and excels at identifying both bottom-hugging species like walleyes and suspended-water species such as crappie, says the manufacturer.

The LX-3tci features 2,000 watts of power, a sharp three-colour LED display, a patented Moveable Zoom, a 20-degree transducer and a patented 12-level interference-rejection system.

MarCum describes its entry-level flasher, the VX-1i, as a fish-finding powerhouse, boasting 1,000 watts of power and offering performance, features and pricing ‘the competition can’t match’. Features include a split screen bottom-lock zoom, 2.0-inch target separation, three-colour blended LEDs, a 20-degree transducer and a patented interference-rejection system.

Capable of producing incredible detail, it will help anglers fish tiny jigs in deep water and find fish hiding in thick cover. The VX-1i’s six-level interference-rejection system cleans up stray signals from nearby electronics, making it possible to fish in a group.

All MarCum flashers include padded softpacks, rechargeable 12-volt batteries and three-stage automatic battery chargers.

MarCum Technologies is part of Ice Force, the ice fishing arm of the Rapala VMC Corporation.


Tel: +1 888 778 1208


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