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Lindy Toad now available in tungsten

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The new Lindy Tungsten Toad is heavier, harder and gets to the strike zone quicker.

The Lindy Toad is popular with ice fishermen for several reasons.

It hangs horizontal in the water for realism and to keep the hook at the correct position for a quick hookset, it features a flat top that’s easy for electronics to pick up and the weight forward design makes it an ideal bottom fishing lure.

Now, the Lindy Ice Toad is available in a tungsten model that gets to the fish quicker and is more reactive to twitches and rod manipulation.

It features the same weight-forward design and angled line-tie as the original so that it hangs horizontally with the hook point ready to stick any perch or panfish that strikes. And because tungsten weighs more than than lead, it is heavier and harder, getting down into the strike zone quicker. It also makes it easy to create those subtle shakes and vibrations that trigger strikes from inactive fish.

It comes in #14, #12 and #10 hook sizes and 10 colour patterns.


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