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Kira lures made for weeded rivers and lakes

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The Phantom from Croatian-based Kira Fishing is a lure designed for fishing heavily weeded waters.

A new series of surface lures from Croatian manufacturer, Kira Fishing, has been inspired by the fact that the company’s headquarters is surrounded by heavily weeded rivers and lakes.

“These waters are a paradise for predators, but they are very difficult to fish because of all kinds of weeds and submerged trees,” explained Kira’s Bozo Povijac. “So we have based our production on surface, or topwater, lures.”

Kira has started its production line with three models named Scorpion, Samurai and Phantom which, says Povijac, introduce some revolutionary solutions that make it impossible to lose them.

The Scorpion is armed with a size four sickle hook rigged to look like a real scorpion and located in a way that ensures against it snagging any obstacles. This model also has a small pin on the belly for the addition of an extra hook if required.

The Samurai is almost identical to the Scorpion, with the hook pointed upwards and armed with a weedless protective wire, but without a belly pin.

But the highlight of the series, says Povijac, is the Phantom. “This is a totally new concept with a very effective sickle hook that points down,” he explained. “The hook is in the water all the time, giving the angler more chance to catch fish.

“To avoid obstacles we have added a special weedless protective wire that protects the hook, but doesn’t cause any problems with hooking a fish. For additional attraction we have added a silicone skirt at the rear of the lure.

“The Phantom is a typical ‘walk-the-dog’ lure. By steadily moving the rod in a left-right direction, the lure just glides on the surface, slightly shaking from side to side.

“But if you move your rod tip up and down, the nose of the lure will dive for a few centimetres and then jump to the surface, making a plopping sound. When you pause the retrieve, because of the hook position and the weight of the silicone skirt, the lure stops, glides backwards a few centimetres and then stops. In that moment, the silicone skirt spreads, just like a frog swimming and taking a break, and this is the moment when even a lethargic fish will furiously attack.”

Kira’s top water lures are 7.5 cm long (including hook) and weigh 10 grams.

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