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KingKast® unveils new tournament grade mono for 2016

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The KastKing Masters is a professional tournament grade monofilament fishing line set for 2016 launch.
↑ The KastKing Masters Monofilament comes in a variety of test breaking strengths and attractive packaging.

The KingKast® division of US-based tackle manufacturer, Eposeidon Inc, has introduced a professional tournament grade fishing line for 2016.

The KastKing Masters Monofilament is said to feature ‘outstanding’ smoothness for extra casting distance and more abrasion resistance than standard mono. It has a unique chemical formula that reduces friction as it glides through guides.

It also has minimum stretch for improved hook-setting and low line memory for better control. More clarity under water than typical monofilament lines is an advantage when targeting line-shy species.

“KastKing Masters Monofilament is exceptional,” said Tom Gahan, Marketing Director at Eposeidon. “It is a superior line for tournament anglers looking for ultimate performance mono at an affordable price. Its quality and features are extraordinary.”

KastKing worked with chemical engineers from across the world and used new manufacturing methods and equipment to produce the line.

The line comes in attractive packaging and is available on 300 yard/274 metre spools in 4lb/1.8kg, 6lb/2.7kg, 8lb/3.6kg, 10lb/4.5kg, 12lb/5.4kg, 14lb/6.3k, 17lb/7.7kg, 20lb/9kg, 25lb/11.3kg and 30lb/13.6kg.


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