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Jackall Pompadour ‘packs a punch’ at ICAST

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The Jackall Pompadour features a propeller-style blade at the rear.
↑ Another much-talked about Jackall lure at ICAST was the Binksy.

The lure sector is notorious for lookalikes with many models that are barely discernible from what has gone before and which brings little new to the party.

Unsurprisingly there were plenty such lures at the ICAST show in Orlando. But for the dealer prepared to look around there were also good examples of manufacturers trying to bring something different to the market.

In the latter category comes the Jackall Pompadour, a top-water hardbait that caused plenty of interest at the show. Though reminiscent of the Heddon baits of years ago, the Pompadour has plenty to differentiate it.

The hinged, forward-facing metal wings collapse during the cast, but open out in the water to create a pronounced side-to-side action that disturbs a lot of water on the retrieve. The rear, propeller-style blade and an interior metal ball-bearing all add to the commotion caused by a lure designed to draw fish from distance.

Further evidence of Japanese ingenuity is seen in a rear treble that swings and swivels and makes it hard for the fish to throw the hook. Jackall says the Pompadour ‘packs a punch’ and recommends pairing it with a 7 to 7 1/2 foot rod and 50lb to 60lb braid to reach long distances.

Jackall also took its Binksy bait to the show, another much talked-about top-water lure. According to tournament pro Cody Meyer, the Binksy’s rear prop clips the belly-mounted blade on the retrieve to create a sound similar to the clacker on a buzz bait. The lure’s popper-style mouth displaces a lot of water for a 2 ¾ inch bait to increase the attraction and reach out to fish not in the immediate vicinity. The Binksy can also be fished ‘walk the dog’ style and the resistance in the water means it can be kept in the strike zone for longer.


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