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Jackall Lures joins Pledge to Pitch It campaign

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Jackall Lures has added its support to Keep America Fishing’s Pledge to Pitch It Campaign.
↑ Steve Ferrera, Shimano fishing division's Vice President: "We’re hoping this small incentive from Jackall Lures will help anglers embrace the Keep America Fishing Pledge to Pitch It programme.

Keep America Fishing, Jackall Lures and numerous B.A.S.S. Nation chapters around the country have joined forces to expand the ‘Pledge to Pitch It’ campaign.

A nationwide effort, the Pledge to Pitch It programme encourages anglers to properly dispose of, or even recycle, worn out and used soft plastic baits. Since its launch in 2014, the campaign continues to grow in strength and prominence.

“Too often, used soft baits end up as litter at the bottom of our lakes and rivers,” said Liz Ogilvie, Chief Marketing Officer for the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), the recreational sportfishing industry trade group and parent organisation of Keep America Fishing. “A bill introduced in Maine’s legislature a few years back would have placed a ban on the sale and use of soft plastic lures. That’s why, through the Keep America Fishing initiative, we created the Pitch It campaign – to get anglers involved in the proper disposal of worn out soft baits by pitching them in the trash or recycling them.”

Shimano brand Jackall will provide up to $1,000 of soft plastic lures – including its Flick Shake worms for finesse use and the ‘crawling action’ ScissorComb creature baits – to B.A.S.S. Nation state chapters that complete a soft bait collection/recycling programme. Earlier this year, each state chapter submitted a short proposal outlining their plan for collecting used soft plastic lures to B.A.S.S. Conservation Director, Gene Gilliland.

“While most anglers – and especially those involved with B.A.S.S. – do their best to keep lakes and rivers clean, we’re hoping this small incentive from Jackall Lures will help them embrace the Keep America Fishing Pledge to Pitch It programme,” said Steve Ferrara, Shimano’s fishing division Vice President.

While the plans differ from state to state, they all focus on collecting used soft plastics and keeping them out of the rivers and lakes. Illinois Bass Nation, one of the chapters spearheading the effort since 2014, collects, melts down and recasts collected baits as trophies. It is aiming to break its 2016 record of 134lb of collected lures.

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