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J.M. Gillies introduces Asari Escape Z Vibe

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The Asari Escape Z Vibe boasts an an enticing and realistic design that mimics an injured prey, says J.M. Gillies.

The new Asari Escape Z Vibe from Australian lure manufacturer, J.M. Gillies, has an enticing and realistic design that mimics an injured prey.

Even timid or cautious species will think this is the real deal, says the company. When using the Escape Z Vibe, simply cast and let the lure sink, then bring it up and down during retrieval to give it a life-like swimming action.

The Vibe will swim erratically on the drop, thus attracting the attention of nearby fish. The Escape Z is a versatile lure for freshwater and estuary species, such as bream, bass, redfin, trout and golden perch.

It is also ideal for use offshore when targeting snapper, morwong and other reef dwellers. When fishing with lures, J.M. Gillies recommends using braided line because it offers superior line tension and sensitivity.

Size: 90mm;

Weight 28gr.


Tel: + 61 3936 86401


Web: www.jmgillies.com.au

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