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Itty Bitt Slab Slay’R proves size isn’t everything

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Measuring the width of two cents, the Itty Bit Slab Slay’R makes up for its small size with performance, says Bobby Garland.
↑ The Bobby Garland Crappie Pro Overbite Mo' Glo Jigheads feature glow-in-the-dark colours.

A new crappie fishing bait from Bobby Garland makes up in performance what it lacks in size, says the Oklahoma, US brand.

The Itty Bit Slab Slay’R measures only 1.25 inches from nose to tail, but the soft plastic lure imitates a variety of crappie prey ranging from insects to minnows.

The round, solid, body narrows down to a cupped, flexible tail. It can be rigged on a jighead with the cup either up or down to change the action of the lure.

When rigged cup down the bait’s fall is more vertical and creates greater vibration in the tip of the tail because the cup traps water. This is the recommended style for when limited movement is needed for finicky crappie.

Rigging with the cup up creates a more darting action because the convex surface of the tail makes the lure want to glide. This style, says Garland, is ideal for bouncing the rig along breaklines when fishing more open-cover areas.

Due to its diminutive size, the Slab Slay’R works best with smaller jigheads and hooks. Garland’s Itty Bit Jigheads, with size eight hooks on the two available weights, 1/48oz and 1/64oz, are specifically made for this purpose.

A further option is Crappie Pro’s Overbite Mo’ Glo Jigheads in sizes 1/32oz and 1/48oz, which feature size six sickle hooks and glow-in-the-dark colours.

Garland’s Itty Bit Slab Slay’R is available in 12 colours, including Electric Chicken, Blue Ice, Pink Lemonade and Black Cricket. There are 20 lures in each re-sealable pack.


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