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Itty Bit Swim’R draws impressive praise on social media

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The Itty Bit Swim’R lure family brand measures just 1.25 inches and can be matched with jigheads available in weights of only 1/48 and 1/64 ounces.
↑ Longtime Grand Lake, Okla., guide Ivan Martin says he's seen times when crappie simply want a tiny bait and nothing else.

The Itty Bit Swim’R looks like it sounds. This diminutive crappie lure from the Bobby Garland brand measures just 1.25 inches and can be matched with jigheads available in weights of only 1/48 and 1/64 ounces.

But the old adage that big things can come in little packages could have been written for the Itty Bit, says the manufacturer. Early results with the new bait – fished using a variety of techniques – have drawn impressive reviews on social media.

“Crappies have big mouths and are capable of taking just about any size of bait, but they predominantly prefer smaller food choices, especially black crappies, because they have a fondness for insects and small crustaceans,” explained avid crappie angler and Itty Bit designer, George Toalson.

“The Itty Bit intentionally has a super-tight swimming action for a much more subtle motion, more like that of a quivering insect or small minnow.”

The Itty Bit Swim’R is a downsized version of Garland’s 2.25″ Baby Shad Swim’R, a favourite with crappie anglers. Like the Baby Shad, it has a jointed body and a swim foot on the tail. A scent channel under the belly provides a further option.

The Itty Bit Jigheads are available in 1/48 and 1/64 ounce sizes, both equipped with Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp size 8 hooks.

Toalson believes having the right jighead is just as important as the right bait. “We took the guesswork out of what anglers needed for the Itty Bit series,” he explains. “Lots of anglers downsize their baits for winter fishing, whether through the ice or not. The Itty Bits are going to be ideal choices for the next few months.”

Itty Bit Swim’Rs are available in solid and laminated colours and come 25 baits per package. Itty Bit Jigheads are unpainted and packaged in quantities of 20 per reusable vinyl envelope.


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