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VIEW VIDEO HERE: the new IMPULSE MINI SMELT bait for panfish

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The IMPULSE MINI SMELT from Northland Fishing Tackle

“The IMPULSE MINI SMELT is the finesse panfish angler’s favourite forage,” says TEAM NORTHLAND Pro-staffer and famed ‘pan man’, Brian ‘Bro’ Brosdahl.

“It mimics vulnerable ‘young of the year’ minnow fry to perfection,” he adds of the latest bait in the IMPULSE range.

“Moulded from soft plastic and measuring only an inch in length, the IMPULSE MINI SMELT sports a dolphin-shaped Glider Tail™ that darts, glides and swims like a fleeing minnow when jigged or dropped on the freefall.

“Its sleek, flat-sided profile moves to lure fish from afar, while the IMPULSE attractant turns the lookers into biters,” adds Brosdahl.

“When Brosdahl and other top anglers from TEAM NORTHLAND hunt for trophy sunfish, slab crappies or perch you can bet they are rigged and ready with the IMPULSE MINI SMELT,” says Northland.

“It’s baby baitfish profile and panfish-producing colours bring them in close. A few quick shakes of the rod-tip gets the micro-minnow body dancing and its shapely tail quivering – saying to fish: ‘bite me! I taste great’

“And bite it they do,” adds Northland. “IMPULSE’s magical and mystical instinctual attractant is so powerful – in fact lab tests prove it to be 143% more effective than leading soft plastic brands on the market

“Put IMPULSE’s superior shapes, colours and scent technology to work and you’ll hook every bite!

“Mega-soft and chewy, the baitfish bodies are poured into eight colours to tempt the most stubborn panfish.”

Video of another IMPULSE bait, the Mayfly, can be viewed here.

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