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IFTD: UV2 Enhanced series tops Spirit River’s portfolio

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Jeannie Black, of Spirit River, is pictured with the Best Fly Tying Materials/Equipment Award at IFTD.
↑ A UV shot of dubbing that earned Spirit River an award at IFTD.

Spirit River introduced well over 100 products at IFTD in Reno, but the stand-out attraction was its award-winning dubbing and UV2 Enhanced series of natural hair and feather – winner of the Best Flytying Materials/Equipment category at the show.

And the company’s Bill Black says that the award means a lot to his business. He said: “We all know that the overall market is somewhat flat in tying materials and flies. What we have done at Spirit River is take the science of UV and added another level which no-one else has done.

“The UV2 product line of flies has longevity. I am already hearing of folks that are enjoying good success with the products. It’s hard to argue with the fact that most species of fish can see the lure better and at a greater distance and the positive results reinforce this.

“When I reflect on the history of my company I am very proud of our innovation. All you have to do is look round at our competitors to see the influence we have had. I am hoping that the patent we are working on will protect us so that we can develop an even better system of UV2 components for anglers worldwide.”

The technique behind its unique line of Ultra-vision UV2® products and fly patterns involves the ability to process tying materials and build unique flies with both UVF and UVR.

UVF is the fluorescent wavelength in bright colours which allows fish to see flies and lures at a greater distance in most water conditions. UVR is the ultra violet reflective UV light that cannot readily be seen with the human eye, but is very common and visible in the animal and insect world.

UVF is bright and obvious and UVR is very subtle to humans. Mayflies use it to find mates, bees to locate flowers and many fish species use it for mating and to find prey.

Spirit’s new Multi-Spectrum UV2 Dubbing has a series of core colours each individually processed in UVR and UVF. The multiple colours all kick out their own wavelengths of colour and the UV mix will show UVR and UVF.

Spirit added: “There have been many multi-spectrum dubbings, but none with the added benefit of UV2. To really see the effects of our enhancement dubbing, just look at the dubbing in both the sunlight and a UV or Black light.”

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