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ICAST 2013: Aquatic Nutrition launches new shark bait

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Aquatic Nutrition, of Florida, showcased Bloodstream Top Predator Chum at ICAST last week.

Florida company, Aquatic Nutrition, showcased a new two-part shark chum at the world’s biggest event for the fishing tackle trade – the ICAST show in Las Vegas. Bloodstream Top Predator Chum will, says the company, ‘tremendously increase the shark fisherman’s chance of success’.

The product comes in powder form in a non-refrigerated dry package. The blood-based bait is activated by the addition of fish oil and within minutes the mixture turns into a crimson red, plastic-like substance described as a big ball of bonito meat.

Aquatic Nutrition’s Vice President, Joseph Pawlak, said: “Bloodstream Chum is equal to the scent given off by the equivalent of 200lb of fresh meat. It will last up to 10 hours and releases a continuous stream with very little mess.

“It combines the powerful scent of blood with the essence of oily tuna, bait-fish oils and solids that draw sharks from miles away. We have done extensive testing during the development process and we are excited by the success we have had from both shore and boat. It works great for mako, tiger, great white, lemon and other blood-seeking predators.”

Each kit contains a mixture of raw attractants coupled with a carrier agent designed to leave an easy-to-follow trail. Prior to use, the liquid (FishMilk) and other dry ingredients are mixed together in the supplied mixing bag. This reaction allows the angler to mould chum balls of any size.

Aquatic Nutrition’s developers recommend a large single ball for slower, long-term bleeding and a bunch of smaller balls when a heavier scent trail is required. Numerous smaller balls create more surface contact and will dissolve quicker. The product is easily mixed on the boat, or in advance of a fishing trip.

The made-up chum does not melt so it can be left in the heat, on the boat or stowed behind the seat in the pick-up ready for shark fishing off the beach. Unused, mixed product will not spoil for many days, says the manufacturer, and can also be kept in the refrigerator for months. The dry kit requires no refrigeration.


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