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How realistic are these flies?

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EFTTEX newcomer J:son Sweden will be introducing its unique collection of realistic fishing flies to a wider audience in Paris.

The company says that its goal at the exhibition is to attract as many distributors as possible.

Its Marketing and Media Manager, Anders Uvberg, says: “We want to introduce our products to a wider audience in Europe. J:sonFlies are the first complete collection of natural-looking, durable and effective flies. All the patterns are created in Sweden with our own tools and materials.

“They are designed based on a unique combination of realism, durability and functionality.”

Proof comes in this short, stylish and witty video devised by the J:son team to communicate exactly how life-life and hardy their creations are. The message? You can barely tell these J:son flies from the real things.

“Our J:son dry flies have realistic wings that contain air, which together with extended foam bodies make them virtually unsinkable, leaving a natural impression on the surface,” adds Uvberg.

“The J:son nymphs are soft and flexible, with lifelike silhouettes that replicate real insects in the water.”

Altogether, the company offers six different patterns in various sizes and colours, making a total of 70 different flies. Visitors to Paris can find out more at booth E15 or by emailing Sales Manager Mikael Levinson.


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