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How Ardent has reinvented drag technology

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“I don’t know if, after an angler uses this, that he will ever go back to anything else, especially when using lighter lines.” So says 1987 BASS Angler of the Year and 1998 Bassmaster Classic winner Denny Brauer of Drag Tracking Technology. “This is the greatest fishing reel innovation ever,” he adds.


Drag Tracking Technology is the breakthrough innovation that features in all the new Edge reels for 2012 from US reel manufacturer Ardent.


Ardent has released this video starring Brauer to explain its advantages. In it he shows how Drag Tracking Technology allows the level wind eyelet to track in parallel with the line location on the spool as line is being pulled from the reel in drag mode. This reduces the chance of line break on large fish by eliminating the sharp angles caused by the level wind eyelet being out of sync with the line location on the spool in drag mode.


Furthermore, explains Brauer, Drag Tracking Technology completely removes ‘drag surge’, as line snaps into alignment with the level wind eye as a fish is pulling line.


As Brauer says: “With the new Ardent Edge reels, now you can fight the fish without fighting the reel.”


For distribution opportunities for Edge reels and all other Ardent reels and Ardent reel care products see the contact details at


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