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Hobie names its Top Gun kayak team

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New Hobie Top Gun kayak team member: Christina Weber (Florida).
↑ New Hobie Top Gun kayak team member: Kevin Workman (Nebraska).
↑ New Hobie Top Gun kayak team member: Brad Hole (Washington).

What do firefighter Quinton Echols, YouTube fishing legend Jeff Anderson and beekeeper Brad Hole have in common?

The answer is they are all part of a Top Gun team named this week by kayak manufacturer, Hobie.

The purpose of this elite group of Hobie users is to educate and share information about kayak fishing, successful techniques and tactics. Beginning in February, they will post videos, photos and stories on the Hobie Fishing Top Gun web page every week.

“These are hand-picked anglers who have gone above and beyond,” says Hobie Fishing Team Coordinator, Kevin Nakada. “They are spread right across North America and Hawaii so the topics will be diverse.”

Also among the select band of experts are the Uyeda brothers Kevin and Gareth, from Oahu, Hawaii. “Like Maverick and Goose, we can handle being together in one craft without killing each other,” joked Kevin.

The list of 2016 Top Guns is: Jeff Anderson (Oregon), Shawn Barham (Connecticut), Brandon Barton (Florida), Quinton Echols (Ohio), Larry Laumann (California), Brad Hole (Washington), Benton Parrott (Alabama), Matthew Vann (Florida), Gareth and Kevin Uyeda (Hawaii), Christina Weber (Florida), Robert Wendel (Wisconsin) and Kevin Workman (Nebraska).

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