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HMH introduces Universal Tube Fly Method Kit

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The HMH Poly Tube is said to be great for all water conditions.
↑ The small rigid tubes have extra strong hoop strength so they won’t compress as much while tying.
↑ Hybrid Tubing PVC is custom formulated to give it more stiffness and hoop strength.

HMH, the manufacturer of precision-made full rotary fly tying vises and tools, has launched the new HMH Universal Tube Fly Method Kit.

“The kit is an easy to use, universal system of interchangeable tubes and accessories that provides the option of tying any style of floating or sinking tube fly for any fresh or saltwater game fish,” said Craig Uecker of HMH.

“We’ve even included a DVD in the kit which de-mystifies tube flies, explains how and why tube flies work and teaches the fundamental tube fly tying techniques needed to tie any tube pattern.”

The kit includes the HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool that fits any vise. Also included are two stainless steel pins, copper and aluminium tubes, hybrid plastic tubing, rigid plastic tubes, poly plastic tubes, micro tubing, hook holder tubing and coneheads.


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