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Frabill solves spring bobber problems

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Frabill’s new Titanium Spring Bobber has the backing of its pro-staffer, Jeff ‘Gussy’ Gustafson.

Ice fishing company Frabill is confident that its new Titanium Spring Bobber eradicates the problems experienced with other spring bobbers on the market.

Says Frabill: “Some are overly rigid and yield little more sensitivity than the tip of your average ice rod. Others flip and flop all around your rod tip, creating tangles and more hassle than they’re worth.

“But examine the Titanium Spring Bobber and you immediately realise that it’s the finest on the market.”

Some of the reasons offered by Frabill for its bold claim include unmatched durability, beautiful flexibility with total kink and bend elimination, virtual weightlessness and superior transmission of even the most sensitive of bites.

The new product certainly has the backing of Frabill pro-staffer Jeff ‘Gussy’ Gustafson. “Any old spring bobber can show ‘down’ bites but a good angler can usually feel these on his rod tip anyway,” says Gustafson.

“However, few wire indicators can transmit those ultra-subtle ‘rise’ bites. Frabill’s Titanium Spring Bobber does this better than any indicator I’ve seen—perceptibly rising and straightening when panfish inhale and swim slightly up. I’d bet that ‘up’ bites outnumber ‘down’ bites at least three to one, which means you better have a Titanium Spring Bobber on the end of your rod.”

In response to suggestions from their pro-staffers, Frabill’s designers have also built in the ability to instantly fine-tune sensitivity. With heavier jigs, simply increase tension; while micro baits pulse best on a lighter setting.

The Titanium Spring Bobber fits any combo without the need for glue, tape or instructions.

“The best open water anglers are line-watchers. Likewise, the craftiest ice anglers are spring-bobber watchers—and these guys are going to drool over Frabill’s new Titanium Spring Bobber,” added Gustafson.





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