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Frabill Conservation Net Series puts safety first

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US manufacturer, Frabill, urges anglers to purchase the right fishing landing net for the job.
↑ Anglers should consider the type and size of fish they expect to encounter when choosing a landing net.

Part of the equation for successfully netting fish is to have the right tool for the job.

Anglers should consider the type and size of the fish they expect to encounter to pick the proper net. Elements to consider are hoop diameter and size; handle length and composition and net bag depth, colour and composition. A net that’s perfect for one type of fish may be totally inadequate for another.

Frabill says that bass anglers should consider its new line of Conservation Series nets. They are designed with safe catch and release in mind. All nets feature 100% knotless mesh netting, eliminating injuries commonly caused by sharp knots. Knots also tend to scrape away the slime layer on fish, which can leave them vulnerable to infection. Flat, linear bottoms reduce fish rolling and support the weight of the entire fish. Tangle-free coating prevents hooks from entangling in the net and facilitates quick release.

Mesh guard hoops resist wear and greatly extend the life of the net. Dimensions are:  20” x 23” and 23” x 26″.

“While the Conservation Series nets are meant to treat fish with a gentle touch, they are anything but wimpy,” says Frabill. “The first impression you get when picking one up is of its strength”.

The heavy-duty aluminum handle is strong enough to be used as a push pole.  The net yoke is made of hard, thick, nearly indestructible material that will endure a lifetime of use and features Frabill’s exclusive patented Pow’R Lok automatic yoke system. The Mesh Guard Hoop means the bag loops are recessed into the hoop instead of looped around it, which leaves one less thing to snag on when getting ready to net a fish. The solid black hoop and sure-grip handle are a nice finishing touch.

Another option for bass anglers is Frabill’s  Crankbait Net. It took two years of development, but Frabill finally came up with a net specifically designed to keep crankbaits, stickbaits and other multi-hook lures from becoming entangled in the netting. “We’ve all been there. Net a fish hooked on a crankbait and it starts flopping, creating a nightmare snarl. Not anymore. With the Crankbait Net your net-tangling frustrations are over.”

The Crankbait Net is available in 20” x 23” to 23” x 26” models with various handle lengths.

Frabill offers a couple of options when it comes scaling back the overall size of the net for storage and transport – a key premise when it comes to fitting in a well, even overly geared-up bass boat. Frabill’s Folding Net  comes in 18” x 16” and 22’ x 20’ sizes that take up little space when collapsed, but are readily available when it comes time to scoop a 10 lb fish. The Power Stow Net comes in 20” x 24” and 14” x 18” models. The hoop in the Power Stow folds in half and the handle retracts for easy storage.


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