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Flymen Fishing Company releases Shrimp & Cray Tail™

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The Shrimp & Cray Tail™ is the latest member of the Flymen Fishing Company Fish-Skull® streamer fly tying material brand.

↑ The new Shrimp & Cray Tail is designed for tying flies to target both fresh and saltwater fish.
↑ The Shrimp & Cray Tail is available in some basic colours that blend well with typical white, tan, sandy and brown body colours.

After more than a year of product development and field testing in fresh and saltwater environments, Flymen Fishing Company has released the Shrimp & Cray Tail™ as the newest family member of the Fish-Skull® streamer fly tying material brand.

The Shrimp & Cray Tail is a stainless-steel weight moulded in the shape of crustacean tails and is an alternative to the established fly tying method of using bead chain eyes or small dumbbells to weight shrimp or small crayfish patterns.

It’s designed for tying flies to target both saltwater and freshwater fish, from bonefish, permit, stripers, speckled trout, and redfish, to carp, smallmouth bass, and other warm-water species.

“We had three major goals with the design of the Shrimp & Cray Tail,” said Martin Bawden, founder of Flymen Fishing Company and Head Product Designer. “These were form, function and ease of tying.

“The key ‘form’ objective was to create a more anatomically correct weighted shrimp and crayfish tail available in some basic colours that would blend well with the typical white, tan, sandy, and brown body colours. This allows fly tyers to create more realistic and more finished-looking flies.

“With ‘functionally,’ the key objective was to provide the same or better performance as a bead chain eye. To achieve this, I designed the metal tail in three sizes that have the same weight as a small and large size bead chain eye and a small dumbbell. This gives flies the same predictable, proven sink rate we’re used to and eliminates the need to redesign proven fly patterns.

“Fly tyers can simply tie their Gotcha or other favorite shrimp or crayfish patterns in the same way they are used to and go fishing.”

Because of the stable base on the tail, the initial strip of the fly line can produce the tell-tale puff of sand or silt, similar to an escaping shrimp or crayfish bursting out of cover, to catch the attention of the fish the angler is targeting. The shape of the tail also creates lifelike, darting movements when drifting down through the water column.

“To achieve ease of tying and eliminate the twisting and durability issues often associated with bead chains, we created a quicker, simpler, and stronger method for tying on the tail directly underneath and along the length of the hook shank,” said Bawden.

The Shrimp & Cray Tail is tied in roughly the same position as a bead chain and acts as a weighted keel to keep the hook point riding upward. It’s a simple and direct material substitute for tying virtually any shrimp or crayfish pattern that uses a bead chain or dumbbell, and doesn’t require fly tyers to change the basic way the fly pattern is tied or constructed.

“My hope is this simple, new material will spark your imagination, get your creative juices flowing and allow you to expand your fly design and fishing possibilities,” said Bawden.


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