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Flymen Fishing Company adds to Sculpin Helmet range

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The New Mini Sculpin Helmet flies from Flymen Fishing Company’s award-winning Fish-Skull brand.
↑ Features of the Flymen Fishing Company's new Mini Sculpin Helmet.
↑ There are three sizes in the Mini Sculpin Helmet family – mini, small and large.

The Flymen Fishing Company has expanded its award-winning Fish-Skull® brand with the launch of the new Mini Sculpin Helmet.

The Winston-Salem, North Caroline, company says that it is an exciting, smaller version of the popular Fish-Skull Sculpin Helmet and has been specifically developed for tying a broad range of fresh and saltwater flies.

Key features include:

  • A smaller, lighter Sculpin Helmet;
  • Fits hooks in the #10 up to #2 range;
  • Innovative new weed guard feature;
  • Larger, more prominent Living Eyes™;
  • Fresh and saltwater colours – olive, brown and silver;
  • Realistic, flat and broad profile;
  • Innovative front-fitting design to makes it quick and easy to tie;
  • Designed with a heavily-weighted keel to ensure flies always swim in the hook-up position;
  • Front slot designed for hooks and tube flies;
  • USA made in North Carolina.

“The Mini is perfect for tying smaller weighted streamers to target freshwater species such as trout and saltwater flats like bonefish and redfish,” said Martin Bawden, CEO of Flymen Fishing Company.

“The smaller head is much lighter and about the same width as standard size bead-chain eyes. This makes for much easier casting and allows the fly to enter the water with less disturbance than heavier versions or dumbbells. In addition, the Mini Sculpin Helmet has an innovative new weed guard feature and is designed to fit a much larger range of hook sizes.”

The company won the Best Freshwater Fly Pattern category for its Fish-Skull Sculpin Bunny at the IFTD Show in Reno Nevada, in 2012 – it’s fourth award in three years.


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