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Flex N’ Go Tackle Satchel for anglers on the move

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The fully interchangeable Flex ‘N Go Tackle Satchel is ideal for on-the-move anglers, says its manufacturer, Plano.
↑ Each StowAway compartment can be stocked with items of tackle for species-specific fishing.

Plano, the US storage systems specialist, has produced a new tackle container for carrying species and technique-specific tackle. The fully interchangeable Flex ‘N Go Tackle Satchel is, says the manufacturer, ideal for on-the-move anglers.

The Flex ‘N Go features a deep storage bin with four to nine adjustable compartments on one side and a pair of Plano 3600 StowAway boxes on the other. Each Flex ‘N Go comes complete with two StowAway boxes, which are held securely with flexible straps.

The thinking behind the handy, mobile tackle carrier is that it allows the angler to quickly customise it for every fishing trip. The main compartment can be used for regular gear, while each StowAway can be stocked with items of tackle for a certain species or fishing style.

The Flex ‘N Go also comes in a saltwater-specific version. The Hydro-Flo Flex ‘N Go incorporates Plano’s exclusive drainage system designed to keep salt from crystalising on lures and other tackle. The two Hydro-Flo boxes (included) are riddled with holes to encourage quick drying. The boxes can then be rinsed before being used again.

Both fresh and saltwater models measure 15.375 inches long, 11.875 inches wide and 4.875 inches high.

Plano Pro staffer and Great Lakes specialist Joe Balog has found Flex ‘N Go a versatile addition to his tackle collection. “It’s not unusual to bump into a school of walleyes while I’m fishing for smallmouth bass,” said Balog. “So I opt for a StowAway specially loaded for walleyes, strap it in the Flex ‘N Go and then let the games begin.”

Plano’s Brian ‘Bro’ Brosdahl finds the Flex ‘N Go perfect for when he breaks off from ice fishing to sample the inshore sport on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. “It lets me not only switch-up for my hometown freshwater species, but also ditch the ice fishing jigs for a while and swap to saltwater terminal tackle, jigs and hardbaits,” he explained.


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