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Fishing allowed in world’s largest marine reserve

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US President, Barack Obama has created the world’s largest marine reserve at the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument.

North America’s tackle trade has welcomed a decision by President Obama to create the world’s largest marine reserve and allow recreational fishing within its boundaries.

The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) has applauded the President’s decision to expand the existing Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, in the US Pacific State territories, to six times its current size and allow recreational fishing to continue while banning commercial fishing, deep-sea mining and other extraction methods.

Mike Nussman, the ASA President and CEO, said: “Going back to his first campaign, the President has said that his agenda regarding access to public lands is going to be one that ensures the outdoors is available to everyone. Acknowledging that recreational fishing is a sustainable use of a public resource, especially in one as pristine and special as this area of the Pacific, is a distinction for which the recreational fishing industry has been advocating for many years.

“We thank the administration for making the distinction between an activity that millions of Americans enjoy each day and commercial fishing.

“By permitting angling it recognises that it is a compatible and sustainable activity and ensures that it will continue to be managed as such. Recreational fishing in freshwater has long been embraced by natural resource managers as an appropriate use of public resource. I am pleased that the administration is bringing the same understanding to our nation’s saltwater resources.”

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