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Favorite Drive cashes in on baitcasting craze

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Favorite has designed the Drive range of rods to cater for the increasing number of anglers fishing with baitcasting reels in the Ukraine.
↑ The new Drive rods from Favorite are equipped with Fuji guides.
↑ Japanese manufacturer Fuji also provides the reel seats on the new Drive rods from Favorite.

Ukrainian fishing tackle manufacturer, Favorite, has introduced a range of rods to take advantage in the surge of fishing with baitcasting reels in its country.

The rods have been described as classic bass rods by virtue of the fact that they are short and sensitive – ideal for the modern type of fishing.

The company says: “We have found a balance between providing a rod with comfortable casting characteristics, while also saving enough stiffness for twitching.”

The butt section is reinforced with a special graphite wrapping, X-Wrap, while Japanese manufacturer Fuji provides the top quality guides and reel seat.

Drive comes in five models:

  • DRV-662L (3-12gr): Suitable for all perch on big waters in Ukraine. Versatile model that can also be used for twitching minnows (7-8cm) and light jigging.
  • DRV-642ML (5-14gr): Light and medium jigging model that boasts an active tip section. Can also be used with hard lures. Its main applications are boat fishing large reservoirs and fishing small rivers from the bank.
  • DRV-662M (7-12gr): Universal adult jigging and twitching rod that is recommended for use while boat fishing large reservoirs and rivers. Suitable while using pike minnows (9-10cm) twitching or top water fishing with hard lures. It has power in reserve to catch big fish.
  • DRV-682MH (9-28gr): Designed mainly for big minnow (10-14cm) twitching. Also useful while heavy jigging on large waters.
  • DRV-702H (15-45gr): Heavy-duty rod for use with swimbaits, small jerkbaits and big, deep diving cranks. Designed for catching big pike in heavy thickets.


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