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Experts offer free advice to help your business

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ICAST will feature more than a dozen buisness seminars that are free to show attendees.
↑ Rob Southwick, of Southwick Associates, will be presenting a report on market trends within the recreational fishing industry.

This year ICAST 2015 will offer more than a dozen free business development seminars on a variety of topics and delivered by experts in their field.

They are being held on Wednesday, July 15th and Thursday, July 16th at the Orange County Convention Center in Room 209A. All you need to attend the seminars is your ICAST badge.

Wednesday, July 15

Standing Up for Saltwater Recreational Fishing

10am to 11am

Presented by Russell Dunn, National Policy Advisor for Recreational Fisheries, NOAA, and Clifford Hunt Ph.D, Research Associate, NOAA Fisheries.

Delegates will hear about the priorities included in the NOAA’s new National Recreational Fisheries Policy and the results from its groundbreaking economic survey of marine recreational bait and tackle stores.

The ‘Mysterious’ Tackle Buying Experience

11am to noon

Presented by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) and the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA).

Results of a ‘mystery shopper’ survey carried out by the RBFF to help it understand and improve the experience for the novice and avid fly fisherman alike.

What You Don’t Know Is Hurting Your Bottom Line!

1pm to 2pm

Presented by Rob Southwick, President, Southwick Associates, and Nancy Bacon, Business Development Director, Southwick Associates.

During this session you will learn about the latest market trends and other sport fishing information that impact your sales. Included is how to effectively interpret and apply this information and how to collect angler feedback using in-house methods.

Advertising Basics, Budgeting and Media Buying

2pm to 3pm

Presented by Bill Kendy, Kendy Consulting.

Overview of advertising basics, traditional and electronic media strengths and weaknesses, the steps for calculating an advertising budget and how to create an efficient advertising media plan. Also included is co-op advertising and how best to work and negotiate with media reps.

Taking A Hard Look At Retail Inventory Control

3pm to 4pm

Presented by Tom Shay, President, Profit Plus Solutions.

What happens when you save operating costs and extend margins and the impact it has on the ROI (return on investment) in your business. Most retailers have at least 15% of ‘not moving’ inventory. You will learn what happens to cash, inventory turn, sales and profit when that stock is liquidated.

Navigating Customer Payment Changes

4pm to 5pm

Presented by Krista Lowery, Vice President, Target Marketing Group.

How the new EMV chip-based credit cards and mobile wallets like Apple Pay will impact how your customers want to settle their accounts. Add incremental sales and protect your bottom line by knowing the basics and getting real tips for turning technology into bigger, more profitable sales. You will also learn the new payment regulations and liability they can create for your business.

Thursday, July 16

The Federal Manufacturers Excise Tax on Sport Fishing Gear

9am to 10am

Presented by Chris Rubenstein, Deloitte Tax LLP.

The Internal Revenue Code imposes a 10% Excise Tax on the sale of any article of sport fishing equipment sold by a manufacturer or importer. The presentation will provide guidance on: taxability, responsible party, calculation of the tax, payment of the tax and other common issues faced by taxpayers in the industry.

What Your Account Isn’t Telling You

10am to 11am

Presented by Tom Shay, President, Profits Plus Solutions.

How a profit and loss statement can be rearranged so the retail business owner can better understand the information.

Why People Buy

11am to noon

Presented by Bill Kendy, Kendy Consulting.

Overview of the buying experience, including what a customer expects when they enter your establishment and how to ensure you create a customer for life.

A Google Business View Overview

1pm to 2pm

Presented by Dwayne Martin, a certified Google Business View photographer and President of Light Trails Photography.

Google Business View is a simple, effective and affordable solution for small businesses to capture a larger online audience. Martin will explain how it works in the retail environment and other options offered by Google to help you increase your in-store and online sales.

Dealing With Challenging Customers

3pm to 4pm

Presented by Bill Kendy, Kendy Consulting.

How to handle customers with ‘issues’.


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