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Evolve adds to Soul5 hard bait range

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The Flat Sider 75 is creating a category all of its own, says Evolve pro staffer, Rich Lindgren.
↑ New to the Soul5 range of hard baits from Evolve is the Flat Sider 75, which boasts an oyster-shell shaped lip.

The Flat Sider 75, a new lure from US company Evolve, has been designed to tempt bass when they have become sluggish and passive in cold water conditions.

When jerkbaits are not working and lipless or floating crankbaits don’t respond to a slow retrieve, this new lure from Evolve’s Soul5 hard bait line could be the answer.

Courtesy of an oyster-shell shaped lip, the three-inch, half-ounce Flat Sider produces a wide wobble at speeds that rule out most other lures. Resembling most shad and panfish profiles, it also has an internal rattle system that further adds to its attraction, while strategically-placed fixed weights allow for easy and longer casts.

“The Flat Sider 75 is unique in that it is not a modification of previously made crankbaits, but one that’s creating a category all its own,” says Evolve pro staffer and tournament bass angler, Rich Lindgren. “Although it’s a great lure to cast all year long, it’s truly one of the few finesse baits with a large profile that can be fished slow enough to catch bass when the water is in the mid 40s and 50s.”

While the Flat Sider will dive to four feet, it doesn’t dig hard like some other cold-water crankbaits, another quality that endears it to Lindgren. “Instead, it rises very slowly to the surface when at a standstill, rather than rip skyward and out of the small cold-water strike zone too quickly,” he adds

The lure, recommended for use with a 10lb to 12lb test fluorocarbon on a medium-action, moderately powerful rod, is available in 10 colours.


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