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Enterprise Tackle introduces Mini Mixer for 2013

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Described as ‘incredibly delicate’, the new Mini Mixer bait from Enterprise Tackle.
↑ Mini Mixer baits from Enterprise Tackle are recommended to be used on size 10 or 12 hooks.

Enterprise Tackle, the imitation bait company, has been successfully selling dog biscuit/mixer baits for years. But now the UK business has introduced a new, smaller and ‘incredibly delicate’ version for the Summer of 2013 called the Mini Mixer.

Developed in close association with top anglers, including Frank Warwick and Antony Ballard, the Mini Mixer has been carefully designed to create the most realistic presentation possible.

The soft imitation bait closely resembles real mixer biscuits in both size and colour. They sit low in the water to imitate a mixer that has been in the water for a few minutes and has taken on moisture. The effect is that the mixer doesn’t slide away from an approaching carp and is easily sucked in by the fish.

Mini Mixers also come supplied with fluoro yellow, orange and pink sight/hair stops that fit snugly against the bait.

As well as keeping the mixer firmly attached, the (optional) use of the sight stops allow the mixers to be clearly identified out on the water among the other ‘free’ offerings scattered to tempt fish into the area, a useful advantage particularly among shy-feeding fish. The stop also enables easier identification of the bait when fishing at long distance or against margins and foliage.

A mounting tag on the underside of the mixer ensures the hook remains exposed to maximise hook-ups, if a side hooked presentation is preferred.

Enterprise Mini Mixers have been tested with hooks ranging from size seven to 14, but the manufacturer recommends a size 10 or 12 for the best presentation and hook-up results. The baits were made available from mid April this year. Each pack contains six mixers and eight sight stops in two different colours.


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