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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

Wychwood Specimen announced the launch of its newest reel with the simple message: “ACS innovates the carp reel market.”

ACS stands for Auto Clip System and is revolutionary to the carp market, adds the UK company, saying: “The worldwide patented ACS allows total confidence when fishing in the line clip. No longer will the angler need to unclip after every cast. Instead you can now fish with total accuracy and confidence with the line remaining in the clip, safe in the knowledge that the line will safely and automatically release when you are forced to give line or backwind.

“On every other fixed spool carp reel on the market today, if you do not take the line from the clip and a powerful fish runs, then you must release the line manually or the fish will snap the mainline. With ACS this is not the case,” says Wychwood.

“Normally after every cast an angler will remove the line from the clip for fear of what could happen. Nine times out of ten though, especially when fishing tight to snags, far margins or islands, the fish has nowhere to run and often it was unnecessary to take the line from the clip. The angler then needs to go through the process of clipping up again in order to make that all-important accurate cast.

“ACS takes away this doubt and saves the angler a great amount of time and difficulty. Carp reels have been a variation on the same concept for decades, Solace 10 ACS offers genuine innovation and will change the way you fish,” the company asserts.

To complement its most innovative feature, the Solace 10 ACS reel also features other technical attributes including:

  • 1+10 stainless steel bearings
  • Worm shaft system for the ultimate line lay
  • 2-star aluminium spools with ACS line clips
  • Stainless steel hollow bail arm for perfect balance
  • Double balance handle with ergonomic soft rubber grip
  • CNC cranking handle with ergonomic soft rubber grip
  • Free spool system

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