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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

The new Spin Shot hook is the most simple, affordable and efficient drop shot hook on the market today, says VMC, which adds that it eliminates line twisting and allows anglers to stack multiple hooks at different depths (when legal) and/or combine the hook with weights and jigheads.

Explains VMC: “Traditional drop shot rigging involves a palomar knot tied directly onto the hook. However, the line can easily become twisted, affecting lure presentation and hooking rate and weakening the line.

“Current solutions include adding a swivel on the sinker and/or on the line above the hook. This makes the rig presentation bulky and you have to tie up to five knots, multiplying your chances of losing the fish. It also means more time spent rigging and less time fishing.

“At VMC we feel that drop shot fishing is a simple and efficient technique, so drop shot rigging should be the same. VMC has teamed up with famous US bass tournament angler Mike Iaconnelli and legendary walleye angler Al Lindner to create a simple but efficient way to rig drop shot hooks and totally eliminate line twisting.”

VMC calls its Spin Shot hook ‘a revolution’, explaining: “We incorporated a light but super-resistant high-carbon steel black nickel spinning system into our premium VMC 7119 drop shot hook. This light swivelling wire structure guarantees 100% free rotation of the hook with any size lure attached to it.

“Only two knots are required for a rig with zero line twisting and top efficiency in lure presentation and action. The VMC Spin Shot eliminates the need for an expensive hook/ball bearing/snap swivel combination, which makes finesse rigs bulky and limits rigging possibilities.

“While some energy is lost with a traditional line-to-hook knot, the unique wire structure of the Spin Shot not only transfers but increases the energy transferred onto the hook during the setting. Thanks to its super sensitive wire structure, the tug you feel is the fish, so setting is much easier.”

The unique design of the VMC drop shot hook 7119 features a technical bend which increases resistance to opening, and further helps transfer energy towards the point of the hook, says VMC, locking the fish firmly in place when set. “This premium hook is also crafted from Vanadium steel combining ultimate lightness and resistance with a sticky-sharp VMC Spark Point,” it adds.

Spin Shot is available in the five most popular drop-shot hook sizes of 1/0, 1, 2, 4 and 6. It is available at an RRP of €3.99 per pack (4-5 pieces depending on size).

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