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EFTTEX Awards 2014 - Best New Hard Lure

Strike Pro Bandit Crankbait

Bandit Crankbait is a shallow-running bait that has an aggressive flashing action. It also has a slight, irregular movement that makes it swim through the water like an injured baitfish. It can run down to 1m while spinning and to approximately 1.5m to 2m when trolled. It is said to be superb for post-spawn fishing throughout summer and mid-fall. Spec: 20cm, 90g.

The Bandit Deep Crankbait is a 20cm bait designed to cover three depths with its slow-rolling action. You can connect the leader to the lowest eye for a super slow rolling action, running down to 3m – perfect for cold water. Mid-eye and Top-eye gives more depth, 5m to 7m, and a tighter action. The Bandit Deep Crankbait is slow floating, meaning it will hold still and suspend for a short time before slowly rising every time you make a stop. The same thing can be applied while trolling. Make a turn and the lures on the inside of the turn will be completely suspended with just a slight pull of the line to keep the lure in the strike-zone. Spec: 20cm, 97g.