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EFTTEX Awards 2016 - Best Terminal Tackle

Spintube 4Way

Eumer Finland

Spintube 4way is the newest lure innovation for spinning anglers. Now with the one product you can have four different fishing techniques. A separate moving head weight is the main feature of this product.

You can fish it like:

  • a normal Spintube, keeping the head solid for the body;
  • with the Carolina rig style;
  • Texas rig style;
  • vertical or ice fishing

When using ice fishing/vertical mode it is used with a treble hook under the lure. When fish take the lure both hooks will release from the head and all the weight will slide along the leader.

The lead-free brass design makes it good for the environment and 3D eyes makes the lure look like a small bait fish. Spintube 4Way comes in different weights and is hand-made in Finland.

Price bracket: 0 – €100