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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

Sébile’s AT Minnow is deceptively simple to rig many ways. On the outside it truly mimics a minnow; on the inside, the soft plastic body is a technical masterpiece of engineering by Patrick Sébile that includes two levels of rigging channels for rigging main and stinger hooks, main line and leader. Multiple hook slots positioned under the head, in the centre of the belly, the ventral area and tail make multiple rigging options fast, easy and perfect every time. A weedless slot on top permits a Texas rigging hook to nestle naturally in the slot with the point recessed from snags yet ready for instant, solid hooksets every time.

AT stands for All Terrain as the AT Minnow is designed to work on all bodies of water and under all conditions. It comes in five sizes (80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm) suited for all types of predators in fresh or saltwater, and the advanced internal engineering gives anglers the options to use all tactics and rigging techniques.

The AT Minnow can be used with many types of jig heads, including jigs with stinger hooks. The bait has a special lower level channel just to run the leader through the inside of the body with an exit point for placing a single, double or treble stinger hook in the ventral area at the far end of the belly – a vulnerable spot where Patrick Sébile says many predators target their strikes in order to cause crippling injuries to their prey. The leader goes through a channel inside so the stinger hook can be placed right there, and the leader itself is hidden discretely within the bait.

But that’s not all. When finicky fish are biting short at the bait’s tail, and missing the standard belly stinger hook, then a longer leader can be extended through a matching channel continuation in the lower part of the lure’s wide tail so the stinger hook can now be perfectly placed right at the very tip of the tail where it’s going to nab fish that barely nip at the tail. This is ideal for deep vertical fishing where multiple hooks, one in the head and one in the belly or in the tail, give you an increased strike-to-catch ratio.

Indeed, the many different ways to typically rig a soft minnow are all possible and made easy thanks to the clever design of the channels and multiple hook slots. In addition, some totally new rigging methods are possible for this kind of soft plastic minnow. It can be inverse rigged backward with the line entering the upper tail channel and the hook placed in the head for a reversed presentation for penetrating thick cover; head-first under docks or skipping far back into tree root tangles, and to rummage head-down on fish beds, provoking mad strikes.

It can be dropshot rigged in several new ways too – with one hook through the head and/or a single, double or treble hook in the belly.

Perhaps best of all, the AT Minnow lasts longer than regular soft plastics because it does not get cut or torn apart as easily as others. Your jig, hook, leader and line are able to slide along through the channels and slots while fighting a fish rather than tearing or slicing through the soft body. You’ll save money and catch more fish on each AT Minnow, says Sébile.

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