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EFTTEX Awards 2013 - Best New Soft Lure

Savage Gear 3D Crayfish

Savage Gear says that it combined 3D scanning and modeling in its quest to produce the ‘perfect’ lure in terms or appearance and swimming action.

It adds: “By scanning a real crayfish and coupling that with a careful study of its movement and escape patterns, we have been able to create a crayfish lure that looks and swims just like the real thing – irresistible to even the wariest of predator.

“Air-filled claws not only aid in natural underwater movement when the craw is rigged forward, but it also gives a defensive posture when it is fished on a stand-up jighead and will make micro-movements.

“The air-filled head cavity makes the craw float so that it can be fished on a weighted weedless hook over heavy matts and lillypads and then paused in openings for a slow enticing fall into the strike zone.

“The exaggerated antennae and legs add more action to the bait. Two legs face forward and two backwards for action on either a forward drag or tail first retrieve.”

Available in two sizes – 8cm and 12.5cm – it also has multiple rigging accessories for targeting different species, venues and techniques.