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EFTTEX Awards 2013 - Best New Hard Lure

Savage Gear 3D Bleak Glide Swimmer

In its quest to produce the perfect lure in appearance and action, Savage Gear has combined 3D scanning and 3D modeling. It has carefully studied a real bleak, especially its escape patterns, and has developed a lure that ‘looks and swims as realistically as possible’.

Says Savage Gear: “The bleak is one of the most important prey fish for many European predators. The 3D Bleak Glide Swimmer is irresistible to even the wariest fish. Its joints and unique body shape give it the most enticing gliding action in the water. It has a big side-to-side swimming style on a steady retrieve and a superb side-flash when jerked.”

The Savage Gear 3D Bleak Glide Swimmer is available in two sizes, 13.5cm and 16.5cm, and is deadly for pike, perch and bass in particular.