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EFTTEX Awards 2014 - Best New Fly Rod

Sage Salt

For the incredibly diverse range of casting demands placed on the saltwater angler, the accuracy, strength and precision of Konnetic technology has enabled Sage to craft a fly rod ‘like no other saltwater rod before it’.

The Sage Salt is a fast-loading ‘salt action’ rod that provides high line speed combined with accuracy and strength.

The company says: “Sight casting smaller flies out to nervous bonefish finning along the flat in only four inches of water? Quickly and precisely drop the fly where they will see it without spooking. Casting to tarpon that appear suddenly in a gusting wind? The Salt’s decidedly robust salt-action taper gives you the power to maximise today’s heavier lines to deliver flies of all sizes at all range with effortless precision.”

Available in August, it comes in 12 sizes, ranging from five to 16 weights.