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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

The Fireball rig, from Zebco brand Rhino, has been developed to present live fish baits in the most natural manner possible. The single-circle design jig hook is set in the mouth of the baitfish and then the treble hook positioned in the back.

When drift fishing, the baitfish can be presented very close to the bottom where catfish usually hunt for prey, but also at mid water if required. When fishing vertically it can be important to get the bait down as quickly as possible into the area where the fish-finder has located the catfish.

Rhino says the bait presentation offered by the Fireball Rig is superior because:

  • the strong jig ring allows the baitfish enough freedom to move naturally in the water.
  • both single and treble hooks are attached to the lead.
  • the circle pattern hook holds live baitfish much better than a conventional hook.
  • a range of different weights and hook sizes allows the perfect Fireball Rig to be selected for various baitfish sizes, conditions and depths.
  • the rig is specially designed to minimise irritating tangles and twisting.

Other Fireball features identified by Rhino include:

  • strength to handle catfish exceeding 100 kg in weight.
  • superior hook-hold provided by the single circle hook design virtually eliminates lost fish.
  • perfect circle hook sizing as 20 to 30% of fish are hooked on the single.
  • exceptionally strong, top quality, braid used to secure the treble hook.


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