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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

The new patent-pending Swing Weight System from Rapala features an interchangeable, adjustable, free-swinging weight that continuously adjusts for perfect balance of the lure at all times.

Rapala says the ‘revolutionary’ systems allows the lure to be customized with interchangeable weights for various casting weight, sinking speed and lure size combinations without sacrificing the balance and action of the lure.

The free-swinging weight arm also gives increased ‘feel’ with added sensitivity and enhanced action when the lure is fished on the bottom.

First lures to feature the Swing Weight System are two versions of the Ikado squid lures sold under the new RSC – Rapala Squid Concept brand.

Ikado 101 is a hard-bodied squid lure with textured finish and is available in four different sizes. Each comes with two sink rate specific weights for controlled sink rate. All weights are universal and can be used with different size lures. There are 13 colours in the range.

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