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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

Quantum says its Smoke Spinning reels are on the leading edge of design for predator fishing. They achieve extreme lightness without sacrificing strength and rigidity.

The 25 size reel weighs only 7.3oz or 207g yet still features a metal body supporting all the key drive train components for smooth gear feel and outstanding durability. This ‘Metal Where It Matters’ philosophy is found throughout the reel, says Quantum.

Where you need the proven durability and machinability of metal for strength and tight tolerances it is used but minimised. Where the weight penalty of metal could be safely avoided with new modern materials, Quantum’s engineers did so.

Take for example the reel’s rotor. It is made of an all new, proprietary aerospace resin impregnated with long carbon fibre strands for amazing strength-to-weight performance. Try squeezing the rotor arms together to give it a test, says Quantum, adding: “A careful look at the reel shows the engineer’s efforts to remove excess material and shave weight wherever possible. Even the new cantilevered offset handle was designed to shave grams without yielding strength.”

The resulting design aesthetic is aggressive and modern, which is further enhanced by the black-on-black Smoke cosmetics. But will the lightweight wonder stand up an aggressive pike? Yes, says Quantum. “Smoke’s multi-stack carbon fibre drag handles 15lbs of lock down drag without the body or rotor flexing unlike the similarly lightweight Shimano CI4 reels. And the new Max Cast spool lip design minimises line contact and friction for casting distance increases of 5-10% over previous Quantum PT reels.”

Consistent with a high end reel, Smoke reels are built with ten ball bearings and a premium one-way clutch.

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