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EFTTEX Awards 2012 - Best New Fixed Spool Reel

Quantum Exo 15PTi

Metal Where it Matters! That’s the thinking behind Quantum’s exoskeletal hybrid construction.

It combines a special, ultra-rigid aluminum alloy in load bearing areas with a lightweight composite that reduces weight in non-critical locations by 50 per cent.

This allows Quantum to build the lightest possible frame with absolutely no sacrifice in strength. In fact, it’s 38% stronger than magnesium and six times stronger than a graphite composite frame, says the comoany.

It adds: “In short, we shaved weight from Exo PT™ reels every place we could afford for a difference you’ll feel on the water. You’ll fish stronger, longer with the sensitivity you need to detect the lightest of bites – and the rock solid performance and durability you demand when targeting trophy fish”

The Exo PT™ spinning reel rotor uses a revolutionary new material from Quantum, called C4LF™. It’s exclusive polymer infused with long strands of carbon fibre.

The C4LF™ carbon strands average 10mm in length. “These longer strands result in a rotor design that is  2.6 times stronger than normal composites. This minimizes rotor arm flex under heavy drag loads while producing a design that’s 80 per cent lighter than our standard rotors,” adds the maker.