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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

The company’s Bertus Rozemeijer says: “Over the last 40 years as a pike angler, I have seen a lot of lures come and go. Designing lures started for me by tying my own pike flies. Carving some wobblers, building spinners and softbaits came next.

“Then some jerkbaits were made, culminating in the Multi Rowdy. A lure tested from the high north to the deep south of Europe, it is able to catch a wide variety of predatory fish, ranging from asp to zander. There is not an angling technique that you cannot practice with this lure.

“Make it easy for yourself and just crank it back. Start it up with a short twitch of the lure and see what happens when you slow down the retrieve. It will keep wobbling – dead slow. Stop cranking it back and you’ll see the lure fold in a nice curve sinking slowly, just like a dead fish.

“Add a few short twitches while it drops down and watch an action never seen before. Crank it back over some metres and twitch the lure. Just a few plugs will do and then crank it up again. It will show the deadly dance of a baitfish in big trouble. Jerk it back! The small diving lip will allow you to jerk the lure in an optimal way.

“Whatever technique you prefer and action you give the lure, the rattling chamber in it will let every predator know that there is a meal coming. The only thing you have to do is set the hooks and get that predator out!”

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