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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

Says Maui Jim ahead of introducing its new Readers eyewear at EFTTEX: “Many of us need reading glasses to tie a lure or read a magazine. But when outdoors, we need sunglasses to protect us from the sun, preferably polarised sunglasses to block the glare coming off the water and other surfaces.

“Now you can have it all and still look cool! Maui Jim, the fastest growing premium polarised sunglass maker in the world, has placed added power on the back of the lenses of its most popular models. So now you can keep your sight focused crystal clear on that lure and quickly switch to longer distance view, without changing glasses.”

Maui Jim says its unique design features a bifocal that is encased in polycarbonate and positioned to optimise distance views, while giving you near power when you need it.

It adds: “Fishermen will know more than anyone about the reflective properties of water. This glare is damaging, distracting and a hindrance when looking to react quickly to activity on the line. The answer lies in your choice of eyewear and Maui Jim has the technology to negate glare and unlock the natural vibrancy of the array of colours we see.

“Free of glare from the surface of water, Maui Jim offers the advantage of seeing through the water with a much greater clarity and acuity. Maui Jim’s patented colour optimisers lift and enhance the natural colours in our field of vision, increasing and sharpening contrast.

“The ideal hours for fishing tend to be at the beginning or end of the day and this is when we are most exposed to changing light conditions. In these instances you need a pair of sunglasses that can adapt to varied lighting levels.

“This technology is completely exclusive to Maui Jim and is why it is fast become the sunglass brand of choice for those that spend their time in and around water.”

Maui Jim’s advantages extend beyond the technically superior quality of its lenses. The grilamid frames are extremely lightweight, yet incredibly malleable and durable. The lenses and frames are treated specifically to repel saltwater and grease whilst also withstanding the damaging effects of salt.

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