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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

These handmade hookbaits are based on a layering system comprising a number of fast-acting powders and liquid attractants which are released over a period of up to 20 hours.

Martin SB have worked on the principle that a hookbait is best in the water. The company explains that their Tridimensional Hookbaits can confidently be left for long periods with their multi layers continually working to attract fish.

Choosing Unforced Hempseed, one of the five baits in the range, as an example, Martin SB says: “Most anglers know how fish react to hempseed in its original form. The problem comes in presenting it as a boilie. By just grinding the hemp seed and mixing it with a base mix you lose the attraction. It will catch carp but not the amount you could catch.

“Our new bait presents hemp in the most attractive way possible, so that it retains the attraction and the layers of roasted, ground  hemp seed continuing working in the water for hours.

These baits are the most innovative since the introduction of pop-ups. Available in sinking hookbait and pop-up, there is no other bait that will get such good results.”

The new range, which is presented in a metal tins each containing bottom hookbaits, floating hookbaits and an attraction booster, includes:

  • Bio Insects: a mix of several insects found in the natural habitat of the carp
  • Wild Tigernut: made from ground tigernuts and tigernut juice.
  • Chocolate Coconut: a thick layer of coconut and sweet chocolate filling.
  • Fishy Robin Red: made from predigested Fishmeal & Haith’s Robin Red
  • Unforced Hempseed: roasted and ground.


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