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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

The Fresh Bait System is, says the manufacturer, perfect for all anglers. It has been devised to create a completely new hookbait, the FB004 Gel-Pellet.

Designed to allow the baits to be made at home or on the bank, the Fresh-Bait System comprises two main components, the mould and gel powder.

The gel powder is mixed with warm water to create a viscous liquid and then the angler chooses what colours and flavours to put into the mixture. These can include ingredients from the kitchen such as honey or milk, or even blended particle baits such as trout pellets.

The mixture is then injected into the mould until full. The gel takes 15 minutes to cure in the refrigerator or 30 minutes at room temperature. The FB|004 mould creates three different sized pellets, 7.5, 15 and 20 mm.

The pear shape of the pellet means it can be hooked through the smaller end, leaving a lot of the point showing to aid hooking. The pellets can also be placed on a hair.

Different sized pellets can be created individually, with each size having its own injection point. There are pins in the bottom of the mould on the 15 and 20 mm sections. These pins hold a polystyrene or cork ball so the gel mixture can be filled around the ball to create a pop-up bait.

The pins can also be used to accommodate a boilie or trout pellet should you want to coat them in a gel flavour. The gel powder is natural and biodegradable, so that the Gel-Pellets will release any additives and attractants slowly into the water.

The stability of the pellet can be adjusted by the ratio of liquid to gel powder used in the mixture. More liquid means a longer curing time but less time in the water before dissolving begins. More gelatine to liquid means it will last longer.

Says Fritz: “For a perfect hook bait that stays stable for up to 12 hours – depending on water temperature – we recommend one part gelatine to two parts water.

“Fresh-Baits Gel-Pellets are soft which means the fish is less likely to blow back the hook bait, as sometimes happens with harder baits such as boilies.

“The ability to change the flavour and colour of the pellet with ease means the angler can target certain species and adapt their bait to the environment in which they are fishing.

“If the angler gets snagged up the bait will completely dissolve in a couple of days so that fish are less likely to get caught on snagged rigs, which has been a problem with shelf-life hook baits.

“Fresh-Bait is always fresh, meaning it is always bursting with flavour and colour. Whatever the angler hasn’t used at the end of a session can be frozen until their next fishing session. Left over or broken bait can also be melted down in the microwave. It only takes a few seconds and the gel is turned back into liquid to be re-injected into the mould.

“The FB|004 Gel-Pellet has something to offer all types of angler because it has so many unique properties.”

Best new softnatural hook bait - Commended 2011

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