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EFTTEX Awards 2017

The EFTTEX Best New Product Awards 2017

After three years’ research, Old Ghost has developed a series of hookbait sausages wrapped in hi-tech, fresh-keeping plastic film. As its name suggests, the bait’s biggest feature is staying fresh.

It is made from natural ingredients such as squid, bloodworm, freshwater snail and sweet corn.

Says Old Ghost: “The addition of our exclusive fish attractant creates a delicious aroma and taste, which have an irresistible appeal to fish.

“Thanks to a highly-effective coating, it can remain fresh for as long as one year on the shelves and two years if stored in a cool place. Whenever you open it during its guarantee period you will be overwhelmed by the strong, fresh aroma of animal and plant protein. The nutritional value also stays fresh, ensuring the best possible performance.

The most fantastic aspect of these sausages is that you can cut them into pieces as big or small as you want, according to your target species.  The bait can be used as a conventional hookbait or to make a chod rig.

Hubei Old Ghost summarises the benefits as:

  • World-class film wrapping preserves aroma and nutrition.
  • Easy to use: cut the wrapping open, dice the sausage into suitable lumps according to the size of the fish and bait the hook.
  • Suitable for fishing both still and flowing waters.
  • Shelf life of 12 months; cold store: 2 years.

Best new softnatural hook bait - Winner 2011

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